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Shenzhen Head Office Address: 2003, Block B, Ganfeng Technology Building, No.993 Jiaxian Road, Bantian Street, Longgang District, Shenzhen
Sales Business Consulting: 400 0051 060
Market public relations cooperation: 0755-23352745
Market cooperation email: marketing@myrushbox.com
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East China Branch Address: 1st Floor, Building 2, Unit 7, Zhua District, Jiangdong Subdistrict, Yiwu City


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Company profile

leyibao, founded on September 10, 2014, is a service provider dedicated to providing logistics solutions for cross-border e-commerce. Company to the modern logistics information system as the core, to "assist cross-border electricity, global brands operation" for the idea, use of specialization and scale of the service, to reduce the cross-border electricity order delivery costs, achieve overseas warehousing, order management and logistics in the whole process of the pre-market after-sales service. At present, there are branches in yiwu city in China. The existing service projects of leyibao are: overseas warehouse, European and American shipping, ceibs, fba head transportation, European and American air refute, etc.
Corporate mission: focus on global trade integration services and promote world economic development and peace.
Corporate vision: to become the leader of cross-border logistics in the 21st century.

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