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The development of logistics.
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Especially the period of "11th five-year plan" of the state council issued the logistics industry adjust and revitalization of planning ", the logistics industry maintained a fast growth in our country, service capacity significantly increased, obviously improved infrastructure conditions and policy environment, the modern industry system preliminary formation, logistics has become an important part of national economy.
The industry grew rapidly. The total amount of social logistics in China reached 197.8 trillion yuan in 2013, an increase of 3.1 times over 2005, and the average annual growth rate was 11.5 percent. The added value of the logistics industry in 2013 reached 2013 yuan, 2.2 times higher than in 2005, the average annual growth of 11.1%, the added value of the logistics industry accounted for the proportion of gross domestic product from 6.6% in 2005 to 6.8% in 2013, accounts for the proportion of the added value of service industry is 14.8%. Logistics industry employment increase rapidly, from personnel of course of grown from 2005 in 17.8 million to 2013 in 28.9 million, the average annual growth of 6.2%, as shown in the preview "China logistics industry market foresight and investment strategy analysis report.
Service capacity improved significantly. The pace of asset reorganization and resource integration of logistics enterprises has been further accelerated, which has formed a group of logistics enterprises with diversified ownership, network service and modern management. Traditional transportation, warehousing accelerate transforming to modern logistics, manufacturing logistics, trade logistics, e-commerce, logistics and international logistics, and other fields will markedly enhance its capability of specialized and socialized service, improve service levels, modern logistics service system preliminary established.
The technical equipment conditions improved significantly. Information technology is widely used, most logistics enterprises have established management information system, and the construction of logistics information platform is advanced rapidly. The Internet of things, cloud computing and other modern information technology application to start, loading and unloading handling, sorting, packaging, processing and distribution and other special logistics equipment and smart tags, to track back, the path optimization techniques such as rapid promotion.
Infrastructure networks are improving. By the end of 2013, the national railway business mileage was 103,000 kilometers, of which the high-speed railway was 11,000 kilometers. The total mileage of national highways reached 4356,000 kilometers, of which 10.45 million kilometers were expressways; Inland waterways navigable distance of 125,900 km, of which the tertiary level and above the high grade channel of 102,000 km; The national ports have a total of 10,000 tons and more berths 2001, of which there are 1,607 coastal ports and 394 inland ports. National civil transport airport 193. In 2012, there were about 1.3 billion square meters of commercial warehouses in China, and 754 logistics parks in various types.
The development environment is continuously optimized. The outline of the 12th five-year plan explicitly proposes "vigorously developing modern logistics industry". The state council issued the plan for the adjustment and revitalization of the logistics industry, and formulated policies and measures to promote the healthy development of the logistics industry. Relevant departments and local governments have issued a series of special plans and supporting measures. The statistical system of social logistics has been gradually improved, the standardization work has been promoted in an orderly way, and the personnel training has been further strengthened, and the cooperation between logistics science and technology, academic research and industry-university-research has been deepening.
In general, China's logistics industry has entered a new stage of transformation and upgrading. However, the overall level of logistics development is not high, and the development mode is relatively extensive. The main performance is: firstly, the logistics cost is high and the efficiency is low. The total cost of total social logistics in 2013 was as high as 18 percent of gross domestic product, about 1 times higher than that of developed countries, and significantly higher than that of developing countries such as Brazil and India. The second is that the fragmentation is serious and the institutional barriers to the development of the logistics industry remain unbroken. The proportion of enterprises' self-run logistics is high, the scale of logistics enterprises is small, the advanced technology is difficult to be promoted, the logistics standard is difficult to be unified, and the problems of indirect transportation and resource waste are prominent. Third, the infrastructure is relatively backward and cannot meet the requirements of modern logistics development. Modern warehousing, intermodal transport facilities are still inadequate, rational layout, the functional system of logistics park has not yet been established, efficient, smooth and convenient comprehensive transportation network is not yet perfect, logistics infrastructure between cohesion, the matching problem is prominent. Fourth, the policy and regulation system is not perfect, the market order is not standardized. Some of the policy measures that have been introduced need to be further implemented. Some localities have highlighted the problem of arbitrary fees and fines for logistics enterprises. The construction of the credit system is lagging behind, and the overall quality of the logistics practitioners needs to be further improved.

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