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The management level of logistics.
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The first layer is the underlying technology layer. Including basic network architecture, Office Automation Office Automation, financial management, information collection barcode, RFID, global positioning system (GPS) technology and so on.
The second layer is the operational execution layer. Including warehouse management (WMS), transportation management (TMS), process management (PM) and event management (EM), etc.
The third layer is the planned collaboration layer. Including Supply Chain Management and Network Design, Demand Planning and advanced Planning/advanced scheduling (AP/AS), and B2B business integration (collaborative) applications, etc.
The fourth layer is strategic decision-making. At this level, there are not many software systems that can help the leader decide the strategic direction of the enterprise, find the core competitiveness of the enterprise, and determine the competition and development strategy of the enterprise. The idea of a leader is probably the best system. The four levels of informatization of supply chain and the strategy, plan and execution of supply chain management are corresponding.

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