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How does the special line logistics enterprise get out of the predicament?
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Problems restricting the development of railway logistics, capital, patterns, costs, management, industry environment, look, is a problem, seems to let a person do not know how to start, there are no prospects special line logistics? We put aside all the external factors, from the core part of the special line logistics, what is the core competitiveness of the special line logistics, and where the focus of the transformation of the special line logistics should be.
At present there are many kinds of special line logistics forms: traditional logistics enterprises (less-than-one carload transport enterprise) of main transportation, express delivery enterprises the main transportation, logistics park of main trunk line transportation, enterprise own transport. Here, we choose the most representative traditional logistics enterprises (zero-load transport enterprises) to analyze.
What is the core competitiveness of special line logistics? We choose a logistics company, what is the most important point? Freight rate? Speed? Security? Each person has a more important factor, let us savor the shipping scene, and see the delivery experience that each factor brings us:

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